1. predominate, reign, rule, hold sway, have force, preponderate; lead, win out, succeed, be successful, be a winner or a success, dominate, hold authority, wear the crown, sit on the throne, Inf. sit in the driver's seat; wield the scepter, govern, command, have ascendancy, have mastery.
2. triumph, win, be victorious, be the victor, conquer, overcome, defeat; best, checkmate, outmaneu-ver, gain a victory, carry the day, win out, win one's spurs; ring the bell, gain the palm, take the crown, Inf. bring home the bacon.
3. endure, last, continue to exist, persist, be durable, wear well, abide, Archaic. bide, stay, remain, hold on, hold one's ground; hold out against, withstand, sustain without yielding, bear, weather, take it, brave it out, Inf. hang in there, keep one's head above water, weather the storm.
4. prevail on or upon
persuade, induce, influence, sway, incline, dispose; move, prompt, motivate, stimulate, rouse, inspire; urge, exhort, inportune; bring to bear upon, bear down upon, put the pressure on, press, apply pressure, Inf. pressure or high-pressure; convince, convert, wean, win or win over, bring round or around, enlist, make [s.o.] see the light; talk into, sell, sell [s.o.] on, wangle, Inf. rope in or into, Sl. hook, Sl. con; wheedle, cajole, coax, sweet-talk

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